Who is Anna Hague?

 I write romantic stories with sexy heroes and smart women. The thing is, I don't read the same type of novel over and over again, and I don't want to write the same story either.  I love to read all types of love stories. So, if you like to mix things up, I'm your girl.


A journey is what I like to call my stories. We all have a different journey to love, and I want to explore as many as those paths as I can.







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Haley Marcum draws the attention of a bad boy on a motorcycle, but her father’s overprotective tendencies make rendezvouses difficult. She’s sick of him treating her like a child. She’s sixteen, after all and according to her friends, very mature.

Jamey Marcum’s undercover past made him suspicious of everyone where his children are concerned. Honestly, he’s trying to give Haley more freedom, but when he spots Tyler Reynolds watching Haley, his alarm bells go off. Reynolds is no teenager and with his long hair and Harley, the guy reminds him of a past he wants to keep buried.

At odds with Haley over Tyler, Jamey believes he’s taken care of the problem, Haley disappears into the night. He’s frantic because he knows what can happen to young girls who vanish.

Finding Tyler is the first step and exacting revenge is the second.


Desperate to understand my best friend's choice to be a submissive to her Dom husband, I decide to study BDSM for my Master's thesis in Sociology. The very thought of giving up control terrifies me...until my research takes me to a "play party" and I witness Cameron Terry spanking a sub. The striking Dominant's unassuming power mesmerizes me, exciting me in ways I've never known possible while my sheltered and strict upbringing tells me this new desire is immoral. But when at last I plead for what I crave, I struggle on the edge of fear and bliss. Can I change who I've always believed myself to be?

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