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Getting into the Groove of Writing Again

I thought while on this business trip with my husband, I would spend my time writing while he was working. Hasn't exactly been the case.

Oh I've done writing related things. I wrote on a few promos, signed up for Penned Con in September, updated my Facebook page. However, none of those things are getting my next book, Appearances finished.

The thing is, I have the ending I want. I worked out who is the real villain, and some scenes I really love. The problem? Well the problem is I cannot determine exactly how I want my characters Adrian and Avery to have their first sexual encounter.

The setting is Chicago, and Chicago is such an amazing city to find the most romantic locations. I've narrowed their rendezvous setting down to three locations. I'm spending a lot of my waking hours going over this scene in my head. So why not just write it down?

Well, I so love these two that their first time has to be extraordinary. I have to find the right words. Their future depends on this.

Until then, I'm finding many ways to pretend to write, and I'm still reporting on local sports, so that must count for something, Right?

Don't worry.

I'll get there. I work best under pressure. I'll just consider this time away, time to mull over some ideas.

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