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Life Gets in the Way Sometimes

I do have another life other than the fantasy worlds I like to create. I'm a sports writer and have been for more years than I want to admit, but I do love it.

Sometimes, though it's frustrating.

I came up with the idea to revisit some kids who played on a phenomenal high school basketball team. This team created magic in the community they represented. Five years ago, these boys were seniors in high school, playing ball and planning their futures.

Every game these kids played became that Hollywood story. Not all of them were the most talented kids on the team. One was exceptional and went on to play college and professional ball, but every week these boys came to play and play hard.

On paper, there were many games they shouldn't have won, but their determination and discipline put them over the top. As a spectator, these games never disappointed. As a reporter, following this high school squad throughout their dream season...well that's what we live for.

Fives years later, the five seniors have earned college degrees and are working in their chosen careers. They all went different ways as far as career choices and don't have the time to hang out. Most are in different states. However, they will share that bond their entire lives, and the lessons they learned on the court are guiding them off the court.

And I was thrilled and honored to let everyone in the community how they are doing as young men.

With as much time and effort I had to put into creating this story, I loved every game of phone tag we played just to know that these kids made it.

Now, back to my fantasy world.

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