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S'more's, The Path to a Happy Life

How can S'more's make life happier you ask? Let me tell you.

Recently, while attending a casual outdoor celebration a family member's wedding, the dessert table crooked its sweet little finger at party goers with a selection of wedding cake, wedding cupcakes, puddings, and gourmet cookies.

However, my gaze went to the barely visible bag of marshmallows supported by a bag of Hershey chocolate bars, and all was dwarfed by a towering box of graham crackers.

Carefully toasting, not black burning (that is marshmallow torture) my sweet puffy friend over the open fire required just a few minutes, and the whole three ingredient dessert, presented itself for my moans of ecstasy.

The beauty of a S'more is the simplicity. Three things and a roasting utensil, and you get to have to orgasmic pleasure of licking melted chocolate and white goo off of your finger, and it's perfectly socially acceptable.

Water, food, and air are our basic needs. We build from there, creating a goal list, to do list, organizational list, grocery list, and a list of the lists we need to complete or our lives will cease to exist.

But a S'more slows down the list, and we take the time to savor a two-hundred calorie treat that reminds us of childhood, when our only concern was if we could have some more. Thus the name.

So why not treat life like a S'more. Pick the three things that truly make you happy. Do them as often as you can, and don't worry about who is eating the Crème Brule or French Macaroons. Chances are they have no clue of the true beauty of a S'more.

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