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Mistakes Not Always a Bad Thing

I need to finish my next book, but instead, I find myself here on my blog site thinking about a mistake. Mistakes are a part of be a human. We all make them and hopefully learn from them.

Recently, I received a proof of the cover for my next book, Appearances. My title since day one. For the hero in this story, appearances mean everything. For my heroine, they mean nothing.

I liked the title. Appearances seemed to be a perfect fit for the theme.

What I now needed was a book cover. I contacted a designer, and we went from there.

However, when I filled out the information sheet for the designer, I included my tag line in the proper spot. When the proof arrived, The title read Risk, Reward, or Ruin. "Aaahhh." My tagline instead of my title.

Now, I was going to have to have her redo the cover.

Wait. The more I looked at the cover and read Risk, Reward, or Ruin, the most I liked this as the title. Now, I'm in love with the title.

A mistake for the better.

The Slinky --One of the simplest, coolest toys ever mistake in 1943. Originally, naval engineer Richards James developed this to keep fragile items safe on a ship. One day, James knocked one of the springs off and watched the thing do the famous Slinky walk. And the rest they say, is history.

Post-it Notes-- In 1968 Spencer Silver worked for 3M laboratories trying to develop a super adhesive. Instead, the adhesive stuck, but could easily removed from objects. For years, he tried to find a use for the sticky substance., but colleagues were not interested. Silver noticed that when he opened his hymn book, all of his bookmarks fell out. He added the adhesive to the end of the bookmark, making it stick to the page even when opened. 3M finally decided to market the mistake nearly a decade after Silver's invented it. Thirty years later, where would our lives be without Post-it Notes.

So mistakes aren't not necessarily a bad thing. They can be steps to a new and better part of our lives.

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