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What I Find Truly Romantic

Do a web search for Things Husbands Can Do to Be Romantic to Their Wives, and you'll get thousands of results. I wonder If you have to do a web search to figure out how to be romantic, how did you ever get married in first place?

I perused several of these sites, and a fair amount of them had me doubled over laughing (#69). Unless he's researching a surprise trip to Fiji, I doubt too many men spend their time on Google looking for ways make sure the love of his life remains in love with him,. I'm okay with that one. My husband's search history amounts to the weather and IndyCar. For me, IndyCar events are the definition of a fabulous date.

One of my favorites I found on more than a few sites was "Avoid pornography or stop looking at pornography. I believe staying away from porn is more of a respect issue than romance issue, especially between married couples. Hey, that's just my opinion, but such a topic would not be on my list of romantic acts.

However, my absolute favorite during my quest for romantic gestures--drum roll please.

"Don't conduct male grooming sessions where she can see, smell, or hear you (#46)." Husbands, if you walk into the other room to fart, your wife will swoon at your feet.

"Honey, I've found another place to fart away from your sensitive nose."

Wife runs across the room, throws herself into his arms, and they passionately kiss. Roll credits.

Almost all of the sites mentioned cleaning something. Maybe yes. Maybe no. Depends on the situation.

Another listed writing a poem for her. My husband's an engineer...nuff said.

We're all different and have unique ideas about love and romance, but in my marriage, and I've been married two thirds of my life, these are the gifts of romance.

At least once a month, my husband does an internet search for a particular figurine from Disney's Animal Kingdom. I have two of the three from the days when the park first opened. After all of these years, still can't find it, but he keeps looking.

Keeping with the Disney theme. He goes with me to watch Disney movies, and Beauty and the Beast is one of his favorites.

Along the attendance theme, a few years ago, my husband accompanied me to a Backstreet Boys concert. He found the emptiness of the men's room particularly pleasing.

During a Goo Goo Dolls concert, in the middle of Come To Me...well, I still remember that perfect kiss.

He maneuvered his way through a mass of crazed women to take a close up shot of Keith Urban for me. He did say he would never do that again, but I know he would.

A few years ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to accompany her to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I would have loved the trip, but I didn't want to be away for two to three months. My husband said he was fine with me going, but he didn't want to be without a pretty wife for so long. How he knew I needed to hear those words at that time in my life made me cry.

Recently, I lost one of my sports writing gigs, and I believe the loss had more to do with the guy in charge never liked me-- instead of the "budget issues" story he fed me.

My husband ranted and raved along side me, siting the high profile athletes of a certain sport I've written about for the paper, and all of the individuals who requested extra copies.

Best of all, he told me that if he ever sees that "little SOB." he will beat the ever-loving crap out of him.

Now that's romantic.

Yes, we all have different ideas about romance. My catalog of amorous expressions is likely dramatically in contrast to yours . Make your own list.

If my husband ever left the room to fart, I'd take him to the ER and tell the doctor something is terrifying wrong with my spouse.

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