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A.W.N. and Romance Novels

I'm pretty new to the author game, and I'm in love with my romance stories. Not because I believe they are the greatest pieces of prose ever created. They're not. I love my novel and my current works in progress for the very fact I get to know the characters intimately.

My characters become real to me. They talk to me. Not like little voices in my head whispering crazy stuff, but rather they tell me who they are and what they want. Every one of my heroes and heroes-to-be are not who I originally designed them to be. They made me change several things about their personalities.

They're not Alpha males. They aren't the guys who command the attention of the room. They aren't sexual machines, nor the one with all of the answers, or the man who shows little emotion.

That being said, I read tons of books with Alpha males and love them. That hard-muscled perfect specimen of a man are the book boyfriends of our fantasies.

I have a new hero. I'm sure I didn't create him, but I have named him--A.W.N., Alpha When Necessary.

Oh, he's hot, but not cut, washboarded, and ripped. He makes eye contact, but doesn't bore holes into others. He's confident, but still has insecurities.

However, if his girl is in trouble or the world is crumbling around him, he knows how and will do what needs to be done. He'll hurt anyone who hurts those he loves.

When it's all over, he expresses emotion. He cries.

My A.W.N.s have relatively normal names. Not one of them is a Nash, Cord, Hatch, or Brand. (If I've hit on a name you know and love, I meant no offense, just pulling random names off a website).

I have a Jamey, an Adrian, a Jordan, a Caleb, an Isiah, a Michael, and a Cameron. So far, Jamey is the only one who has seen daylight, but the others are in the queue.

Like I said before, I love me a hot Alpha for a fantasy, but A.W.Ns are fantasies who seem a little more attainable. I mean, more than a few A.W.Ns live in my town.

Romance novels give us what we want. With the number of romance novels and novellas published annually, I can say with confidence there is a hero for everyone.

So whether your guy is the dark brooding Alpha or the A.W.N. who prays before a meal, heroes come in all forms.

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