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And So It Begins...2018

Towards the end of 2017, I saw many social media posts from people anxious for the year to end...not the best year for many people.

For me, however, I couldn't have dreamed to have, for the most part, a year of good fortune for my writing career. I had some setbacks in my sports writing gig, but I think I may have found the answer for that one.

I published my debut novel Captured Hearts in November 2016. Had to pull it because of some issues, and I published again in January of 2017. My sales were decent for a first novel from an unknown, first-time author. Quite frankly, when I saw I had sold even one book to someone I didn't know, I was ecstatic.

I went to three author signing events, and had a great time meeting both readers and other authors. I paid close attention to other authors' displays and learned a few things for having a successful event.

I learned how to use The Square.

For 2018, I have just as many cool things on my plate, and I'd thought I share with you.

Recently, I signed a contract with Wild Rose Press for a three-book series. For those of you who do not like cliffhangers, I'm sorry, but the story would have been too long for a stand alone.

Also, while this is a romance series, fair warning, the romance falls into the BDSM sub-genre. The series title will be Love Strictly Tested. My story is not dark, and is heavy on romance and lighter on the kink and has lots of funny moments. My hometown of Indianapolis sets the scene for Jordan, Emma, Cameron, and Sabrina.

The first book is titled Angel's Collar. I have titles for the other two, but there is always a chance the editor could change the titles. Right now, I'm in the multiple edit rounds stage and hopefully soon, I'll have a cover to reveal and a release date.

In addition, I have two other books on the calendar for this year. I've had several readers request a follow up to my Captured Hearts story. The book is a stand alone with a HEA, but Jamey and Allee's story has more life to offer.

I'm in the middle of their novella I'm calling Missing Hearts. This story takes place a few years after the end of Captured Hearts.

Risk, Reward or Ruin is a complete departure from the others. I plan to have this book ready by July.

What's different?

Adrian and Avery's story is one of complete opposite personalities paddling a very unstable boat in the romance department, especially when the heroine has no filters. And a mystery person is threatening both of their lives.

I've set RRR in my favorite city to visit, Chicago.

As far as author signings, right now I've just one on the books. In July, I'm attending Writers on the River in East Peoria, Il, July 21.

Some others may come up. If Angel's Collar is released before June, I may attend Author Wild Deadwood Reads, June 9 in Deadwood, South Dakota. If not this year, I plan on going in 2019.

My husband and were huge fans of the television series Deadwood and have always wanted to take a trip there. This event is a perfect match.

So there you have it. As soon as I return from my trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, I'm nose the grindstone.

Thanks for listening.


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