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Who is Anna Hague?

 I write romantic stories with sexy heroes and smart women. The thing is, I don't read the same type of novel over and over again, and I don't want to write the same story either.  I love to read all types of love stories. So, if you like to mix things up, I'm your girl.


A journey is what I like to call my stories. We all have a different journey to love, and I want to explore as many of those paths as I can.







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Hidden Thunder

Hidden Thunder. Book 2 of the Storm Canyon series.
When Aaron found out what he was, he left everything behind and arrived at Silver Spear Ranch to fulfill his desire to live out his life as a horse in Storm Canyon. The problem is, he's only changed once and has no idea how to be a horse.
Rose's job at the ranch is to choose those who will be the new herd members in Storm Canyon. She knows she made a mistake when approving Aaron, but there was something about him. She's determined to teach him everything he needs to learn about being a horse. The problem is, every day she spends with Aaron is one less day he'll be around. His sweet nature and oh-so-hot looks are dismantling her plan.


Boy and the Family Plan


Lily arrived in Bear Creek to bulk up her journalistic resume. A year or two in the Colorado Rockies tourist town in may not seem to be the place to get noticed, but Bear Creek is host to the USA Music Festival. The festival draws top notch bands from all over, and she hopes the experience will give her reporting career the boost she needs to land in a top newspaper market. Doing her time seemed easy enough until she met Devin.
Devin was as local as they come. The festival was as much a part of his life as Bear Creek itself. Every year for the past decade, he and his buddies had spent the weekend partying and listening to the best bands the industry had to offer. When he finds himself now the father of two little girls, his carefree life comes crashing down around him. Devin has had to trade late nights out for chicken nuggets and temper tantrums.
When Lily meets Devin, his All-American Boy good looks give her pause. She’s instantly drawn to the electrician, but when she finds out he’s a package deal, she’s not so sure she wants the goods. An exhausted new father, Devin hasn’t had a date in months. His once smooth talking charm turns into teenage babbling when he’s around Lily.
Even knowing heartbreak is inevitable, the two people most unsuited for each other, can’t seem to stay away.

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